Volunteer – TooManyGames

What are the DEFENDERS?

The best volunteer force in the universe. DEFENDERS keep TooManyGames running smoothly. They help attendees, guests, and senior staff get stuff done. Plus, they do all this while having fun and making new friends!!

Perks of being a DEFENDER:

  • TooManyGames T-shirt
  • Three Day Badge
  • Exclusive After Party access
  • Get to meet and work with guests and bands
  • Regular breaks and free meals

DEFENDERS must be:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Willing to staff all three days of the convention.
  • Able to join the DEFENDER Facebook group.
  • Willing to help “off the clock” if needed.
  • Attend TWO mandatory meetings. (Dates TBD)

Apply to be a DEFENDER today!