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Billy and Jay make up the dynamic game collecting team known as The Game Chasers. Their mission: to scour the land far and wide to uncover gaming treasures of old. Whether it be gaming stores, flea markets, thrift stores, or even peoples attics, they search out retro games and have a blast while doing it. In 2011 they decided to put their adventures on YouTube and became an instant hit.

Tommy Dreamer, is an American professional wrestler and promoter. He is the owner and promoter of the House of Hardcore promotion, for whom he also wrestles. He is also the host of the House of Hardcore podcast. Formerly of WWE and an ECW original.

Meet and greet with Tommy will be held on Saturday in the Indie Game Showcase at the Retrosoft Studios booth after trying out RetroMania Wrestling. Tommy will also have a panel on Saturday, time is TBD.

Matt McMuscles has been styling and profiling on the internet for longer than he’d care to admit, but he’s always happen to meet the fans that frequent TMG! He’s established his own YT channel, The Matt McMuscles Flophouse which has been taking off with it’s flagship series, ‘What Happened?” which chronicles video game disasters, and is also working on his own video game to boot! He loves cereal!

YouTuber Shesez runs the series called Boundary Break, where he takes us above and beyond the set boundaries of video games. With his help we can see those areas of games that were never meant to be more than scenery or decoration. Over the years he has transformed the series into a educational program to help understand developer secrets and techniques.

Scott Wozniak produces the comedic video game variety show “Scott The Woz”, focusing on anything and everything in the video game industry.

Pat Contri is a game collector, historian, author, and online personality known for Pat the NES Punk, Flea Market Madness, the #CUPodcast and the Video Game Years. He is the executive producer of the upcoming Not for Resale video game store documentary and his latest book, Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the SNES Libary, is out soon.

Rerez is a YouTube series that show off the very best and worst of everything in the game industry.

Erin Plays is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer with a passion for researching and talking about retro gaming. When she isn’t playing NES games or hunting down obscure Pong consoles, she’s digging into Disney theme park history.

Nathan Barnatt aka Keith Apicary. Physical comedian & actor Nathan Barnatt known for his classic gaming, high octane lunatic character Keith Apicary. Keith & Nathan will be at Too Many Games. If you want to see them at the con look for the flames!

Creepy Pasta is the new Urban Legend. These stories of terror and dread spring from the minds of many talented people around the internet and are compiled into free to listen audiobooks by one specific voice. MrCreepyPasta.