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Thunderforge formed in 2012 seeking to create fast-and-epic, face-rippingly intense heavy metal, inspired by varying degrees of guitar wizardry, old-school madness and modern metal intensity. Their debut EP Call of the Conqueror was released July 30, 2016, and can be found on Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes/Apple Music.

Adam Morini – lead vocals/keyboards
Christian Morini – lead guitar/backing vocals
Jules Conroy – rhythm guitar/backing vocals
John McLaughlin – bass guitar
Zac Curylo – Drums

Johnny Gioeli, singer/songwriter for Crush40 has been creating music for Sonic The Hedgehog games since 1998! With hit songs such as “Live and Learn”, “I Am” and many many more, his quest to make the music drive the scene continues…