RGB Lan - TooManyGames PA Gaming Convention

We are teaming up with RGB Lan which is a charity LAN party devoted to showing that we can game for good! Players are split into 3 teams and compete to earn points and raise money for their team’s charity as well as awesome prizes. All skill levels are welcome as we have not only video game tournaments but stage and side competitions as well.

The three charities and their teams are:

Red Team: Penn Vet Working Dog Center is a national hub for training and research for working dogs used in disease detection, search and rescue, and safety. The organization was founded by a vet who witnessed firsthand the needs of search and rescue dogs after 9/11.

Green Team: When medical care is within reach, it saves lives. Help Hope Live helps thousands of families across the country to get the care and supplies that they need to heal, live, and thrive after a medical crisis.

Blue Team: Tiny WPA rallies great minds and youth leaders in the Philadelphia community to help design and build a safer, stronger, and more beautiful city.

Frequently Asked RGB Lan Questions

Please be sure to check out the TooManyGames FAQs for specific convention questions. Don’t see your question answered? Reach out to us via email.

Q: I already bought my ticket to TooManyGames, do I have to purchase another ticket?
No, you can upgrade your ticket if you would like to participate in the lan party. Log into your Growtix account, click on view order, click on green upgrade button. If you have any issues email us at [email protected]

Q: What is a LAN party?
A LAN party is a weekend long PC (and console) gaming event. We start by setting up rows of tables and chairs and then run tons of power and networking connections. Attendees bring their own computers (BYOC) and attach them to our network so they can play games with the other attendees all weekend long (24hrs a day for 3 days straight!). We get sponsors to donate tons of prizes and swag, then we hold tournaments and raffles to give it all to you! In short, it’s a LOT of fun!

Q: Is there an age limit?
Attendees age 13-17 must bring a signed waiver from their parent or guardian (available on our website soon). Children that are 12 and younger are not permitted to attend.

Q: What should I bring to a LAN Party?
Here is a short list of what you should always have at a LAN Party:

  • Computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse & Mouse PAD
  • Headset (No Speakers!)
  • Ethernet Cable – AT LEAST 25FT LONG (your seat might be that far from the nearest switch)
  • Power Strip (One with a breaker is always recommended.)
  • Your video games PRE-INSTALLED – We try to cache as many Steam games as possible, but there may be a LOT of people using the internet, so download speeds may be slow. Always try to pre-install as much as you can prior to coming.
  • Food & Drink – There may be some refreshments available – but you should always bring water, munchies, and plenty of caffeine!
  • MONEY – RGB Lan will have vendors on-site selling shirts, mousepads, etc. and RGB Lan also has a big raffle at the end of the event and you’ll need cash to buy tickets (TooManyGames does too).

Q: Is my stuff going to be safe if I leave it unattended?
While we are not responsible for lost or stolen items, we do our best to keep track of everyone’s equipment and make sure it doesn’t leave with anyone other than its original owner. However, you should always make sure you don’t leave the obvious things laying around, such as your wallet and cell phone.

Q: Can I bring more than one monitor?
Each ticket includes space for only one monitor per attendee, up to 34”. If you would like to use a second monitor, you’ll need to purchase a second ticket, as space is limited.

Q. Can I bring my own console?
Yes, but we have our own console section as well, with a mix of old-school and modern consoles and games.

Q. Can I bring my own chair?
Yes! You’re allowed to bring your own desk chair, but no couches please…

Q. Will there be chairs for rent?
Your ticket comes with a standard folding chair but we also offer nicer padded chairs to rent for $5 (the venue makes us pay extra for them).

Q. Is there food on site?
There are some refreshments at the venue’s concession stand, but it’s usually pretty expensive. However, there’s tons of restaurants and a Wawa within a 5 minutes drive and you’re welcome to bring in whatever you like.

Q. Can we bring alcohol?
The venue typically provides an on-site vendor that sells a few different types of beer, but they prohibit attendees from bringing in their own supply.

Q. Is the parking close?
Yes, the parking is very close to where you will be entering the building, and it’s free!

Q. Can we sleep in the venue?
At this time, attendees are prohibited from sleeping on site (per the venue rules). You’re allowed to nap on your keyboard but you can’t roll out a sleeping bag. This may change in the future (we’re appealing to the Fire Marshal) but for now, plan on getting a hotel room.

Q. Is there camping space outside? Can I bring a tent to set up inside?
No and no unfortunately. There are no camping utility hookups outside the venue and we don’t have enough floor space (this year) for people to set up tents.

Q. What games are played at the LAN?
Everything! If there’s no tournaments going on that you want to participate in, you’re free to play whatever you want. While MMOs and single player games are technically allowed, the point of a LAN party is to play games with everyone around you! We highly encourage everyone to start local servers and try to get everyone around you playing the same thing. The Discord channel is a great way to find other people that want to play the same game as you. So fire up a UT2K4 server, post an invite in Discord and start fragging!

Q. What games will have tournaments?
A. The current tournament list is coming soon. This list is subject to change based on the amount of interest we get for each game. During the event we also have a you-call-it program. If you are willing to admin a tournament and have at least 8 people (or teams) that are interested, you can run the tournament yourself and we’ll find you a prize!

Q. Can I participate in all of the tournaments?
Yes! And no… Everyone is welcome to participate in every tournament. There is no skill floor or entry fee. However, since we have a limited time and so many tournaments, may of them overlap. You’ll have to carefully choose which events you want to participate in.

Q. I don’t have a team. Do I need one to attend?
No, you don’t need a full team to attend. There’s always people looking for a team or a team that needs one more to fill out their roster. We created the #looking_for_group channel in the Discord just for this reason! We allow plenty of time before each tournament for attendees to group into full teams.

Q. Are there tournament prizes?
Yes! There are tons of prizes (and trophies!) for each tournament and the winners will also earn points for their entire team!

Q. Points? What are these points I keep hearing about?
When you register for RGB, you get to pick one of three teams: Red, Green, or Blue (get it?). Each team is not only fighting to earn prizes for their members but also to earn money for a local charity! Throughout the LAN, you can earn points for your team by participating in LAN events, winning tournaments, giving shoutouts to our sponsors on social media, and more. There are lots of ways to get points for your team — some easy, and some not-so-easy. The harder the task, the more points it’s worth. The team with the most points at the end of the LAN will earn the most money for their charity and a special prize for the whole team!

Q. Do I have to spend a bunch of time earning points instead of gaming?
No, but active participation is encouraged! Many of the points are passively earned: our LAN staff will award points automatically when you participate in official LAN events and play on official RGB servers. You even gets points just for showing up. More active participation (like tweeting thank-yous to our sponsors, taking photos at the event, or recording something awesome happening in a game for us) will be rewarded with more points.

Q. What Voice Communication do you use at the LAN?
We are going to try and use Discord for as many things as we can at the LAN. However, we will have a local TeamSpeak or Mumble Server setup as a LAN-based backup. Never used any of these? Don’t worry! We’ll help you get everything setup.