TooManyGames 2019 Panelist - Philadelphia Video Game Convention

This year we have some amazing panels lined up, some returning and some brand new panels and panelists. Check out this years panel line up below:

+2 Comedy Stand-up Comedy Supershow 
Geek stand-up, with a Q&A afterwards to answer your most burning questions and settle your least amicable debates. Would Samus beat Lara Croft in a fight? Goku or Superman? Green Lanterns: Who Wore it Best? The sky’s the limit- the Cobra Kai of geek comedy will tackle any query your heart desires.

Avoiding the Objective: Why We Screw Around in Games –
Kevin Schimes
Sometimes you don’t want to save the princess, you’d rather fight chickens instead! We all do it, but why? Join in on a fun discussion about what makes gamers want to mess around!

Better Know A Genre: The RPG – Winterion/Daniel Greenberg
What constitutes a role-playing game? What mechanical constructs prop up this beloved genre? The team at Winterion Game Studios, led by Daniel Greenberg of George Mason University’s School of Computer Game Design, gives an informative one-hour breakdown of the genre, including seminal titles in the genre’s history, structural definitions for the genre, and helpful design tips for those looking to build their own worlds and tell their own stories.

BrainScratchComms: A Decade Of Games 
A question/answer panel with a bit of reminiscing about BSC‘s past. For a whole decade the crew have been talking over games and we want to share more about that with our audience!

Join Mega Visions Magazine as they discuss why Indie Video Game Magazines Survive in Today’s Industry – Mega Visions Magazine / Christopher Powell
Video game magazines have been dying off ever since the advent of the Internet. Now, a new movement of indie magazines are bringing video game magazines back from the dead!

Cosplay Dating Game Show – Sean Meehan
Returning again is the hit show where ship happens! Come to a panel where characters put on their charm to win over our lovely bachelor / bachelorettes. Will Link end up with Bowser? Deku with Bulma? Head on over to find out!

Game Composing & Licensing with Hyper Potions (Q&A)
Kevin from Hyper Potions talks about his experience working with SEGA, League of Legends, Rocket League & Cartoon Network! Questions very welcomed, would love to give advice to any aspiring musicians looking to get into composing!

Geekade + Stone Age Gamer present: Buy Somethin’ Will Ya! 2019 and Stone Age Showdown: Video Game Mad Scientists
Join Dan, Kris, and Dean for their annual tradition of wandering the TMG show floor to find the weirdest/coolest things they can for $20 or less. Then stick around for an all-new Stone Age Showdown, where they will determine the best video game mad scientist of all time in the most scientific manner around: Using tournament brackets!

Getting the Best Quality from Classic Consoles for the Right Price – RetroRGB/Robert Neal
The best signal you can get from a classic console is analog “RGB”. Getting that signal onto a flat-screen can be complicated and costly…and even getting the “correct” RGB signal for those consoles can even be a pain. I’ll provide a short walkthrough that explains the basic’s of what you’d need to get started, as well as inexpensive alternatives that are still a decent choice!

The Importance of Community in Gaming – hosted by Julian Castillo – Screenwave Media Community Manager
Community is arguably one of the largest components to a game’s life cycle. A game provides the platform for community to engage and interact. In this panel, we’ll talk about being great community members, getting community involved in the game dev process, social media and crowd-funding platforms, and tactics that popular games use to sustain community after launch.

Play Games and Fundraise: The Charity Gaming Panel – Extra Life
The panel will be an overview of how attendees can get involved fundraising for various charities, while playing video games, board games, card games, etc. Panel will cover how to start, how to engage friends, family, and random strangers on the internet, and tips for game day. Special Appearance by: SomeCallMeJohnny

Psychostick Brain-Pick and Q&A
Ask Psychostick about tour stories! How we came up with songs, craft beers, physics, video games, B-movies. Alex’s opinion on penny stocks, bit coin, and swiss cheese.

Q&A with Tommy Dreamer and Retromania Wrestling
Tommy Dreamer will answer all your questions about his career, the House of Hardcore promotion, House of Hardcore Podcast and the video game RetroMania Wrestling

Ready.. Set.. Game! A Parents Guide to Gaming – Caroline Dunaway
With technology being the “norm” in your kids lives, connecting with them can be more challenging. In this panel we will discuss bridging the generational gap between parent and child, and using a wide variety of games to connect and teach your kids in a more progressive way. With our 6 year old guest, we will compile a new list of games to play with your kids and how they will not just entertain but also educate.

Rhythm and Pixels, a Video Game Music Podcast 
Rhythm and Pixels is a weekly podcast devoted to great music in video games. Join hosts Rob and Pernell for a special live edition of the podcast! They will take a deep dive into the hardware, development, and compositions of some of your favorite tunes!

The Roast Of Crash Bandicoot – Dais of Thunder
Dais Of Thunder are a group of comedians and gamers that have been together 5 years doing costumed roasts of fictional characters. At past TooManyGames , we’ve done roasts of iconic characters like PACMAN, MARIO and SONIC and have been joined on stage by characters including LUIGI LINK, WARIO, ROBOTNIK, PEACH and dozens of others. This year will be no different come get in line early to experience a panel that has filled to capacity every year.

Running Your First Tabletop Role-Playing Game – Michael Clegg
You’ve got some books, you’ve got some dice, you’ve got an idea for a great RPG. But what next? How do you organize your adventure? What kind of NPCs will you need? What do you do when the players do something unexpected? In short – what do you need to know for your first time running a role-playing game? Captain Mike goes through the experience from brainstorming the idea to closing the final curtain.

Samus vs. Ridley: A Metroid HistoriaDaniel Cattell
Samus vs. Ridley: A Metroid Historia will kick off with an intro on the original trilogy, the information provided in the manuals, comics, manga, and more as we travel through the years to see what makes our girl tick. What has changed about her character portrayal over the years? What has Nintendo kept the same? How does Ridley fit into all of this? Presented by the Metroid Cosplay community, so look forward to some cool costumes!

Short & Sweet: RPGs Worth Your Time – Justin Guillou
Ever want to play an RPG but feel you have no time to complete it? Or better yet, did you ever feel intimidated to try out RPGs because they are known for being “Too Long”? This panel is meant to be a guide for those of you who are looking to ease your way into the world of Japanese Role Playing games. Come learn about the origins of the genre and a few games that can give you the full RPG experience in a fraction of the time.

Tournament of VoicesRetroroulette / Anthony L Restivo
Think you’ve got what it takes to be the voice of a character? Let’s find out in this tournament style game show! Player will be selected from the audience and asked to perform their interpretation of a video game or anime character’s voice. Players can either do an impression or their own interpretation as creativity is encouraged! Winners will be decided by the audience and after all rounds are settled, the winner will be crowned the King/Queen of Voices!

Weird Video Game Consoles – Ross Faries
Technology continuously marches forward…except for these bizarre missteps! Join Youtuber FanboyFaries as he shows you some of gaming’s absolute weirdest machines!

Wrestling and Gaming: A Crossover Of Fans – Sam Norton
This is a presentation of how so many aspects of pro wrestling and video games are borrowed from each other. From cartoony characters to serious plot elements in storylines. We will discuss how certain pro wrestlers are huge video game fans and even attend gaming conventions themselves. All of this and more in Wrestling and Gaming: A Crossover Of Fans!

YouTube Poop and Internet Remix Culture
Join the YTP movement to learn about what Youtube Poop is, it’s history, and how it has benefited the lives and careers of everyone that has taken part of it! Youtube Poop has been universally looked down a lot in the public eye, but has been enjoyed and appreciated for years around many creative circles on the internet. We also use this panel to get more people aware of Dinner Blaster. (Come and find out what that means.) Our panelists will be Jab50Yen, NobodyMan, Tres from TinyWaves, Matt Mannheimer, and the legendary SuperYoshi, who created the very first Youtube Poop on the internet! We’ll also be having a Q&A and a potential viewing party at the end. (EPILEPSY WARNING)

Guest Panelists

Angry Video Game Nerd and Cinemassacre Q&A
He’s gonna take you back to the past, right after he does a panel at TooManyGames! James Rolfe and friends talk about the AVGN, Cinemassacre, filmmaking, metal, and horror.

Arlo Answers Too Many Questions
Do you have one or more questions for Arlo? If so, feel free to come to this panel and ask them. He will answer to the best of his ability. It will be a good time!

Cinemassacre Rental Reviews LIVE!
“Come on down to Cinemassacre Video, where selection is the name of the game!” The Cinemassacre Rental Reviews YouTube show is presented LIVE. This panel is half show, half Q&A.

DA Games Q&A
Any burning questions for DAGames? Maybe it’s to do with songs, games, anything on your mind? Maybe some brand new premieres? Come on down!

Erin Plays and Cannot Be Tamed
YouTuber’s Erin Plays and Pam from Cannot Be Tamed discuss various topics regarding retro gaming, why we love it and what’s it’s like to be into it in 2019.

FamilyJules – Video Game Music Theory
Learn how to use music theory through examples in popular video game music!

The Game Chasers Q & A
Ask the Game Chasers about gaming, the show, or life in general. Things could get crazy!

Going Out of Bounds in Games with Boundary Break
Ever come across a castle off in the distance you wish you could go visit? Or just launch yourself into space in a game that doesnt call for that? This panels got you covered!

Making an Epic Rap Battle of History” with Nice Peter and epicLLOYD
Join the creators of Epic Rap Battles of History for a writing, rapping, and directing tutorial. Learn tricks, tips and techniques that can help any content creator challenge themselves and build a team project

Making Music Online in 2019 With FamilyJules and Adrisaurus
Balancing making money, feeling fulfilled, and being emotionally happy while making music in this digital age is tricky. Join FamilyJules and Adrisaurus for a few tips, tricks, and things to think about while moving forward with your music career online.

MrCreepyPasta Storytime
Gather round the campfire boils and ghouls and MrCreepyPasta will tell you stories that will give you nightmares

MrCreepyPasta Mad Libs
It’s Time to play a (EMOTION) Game of Mad Libs with your (ADJECTIVE) Host, MrCreepyPasta!

Nathan Barnatt’s Power Panel
Honestly it’s safer for us legally to not print what will happen at Nathan Barnatt’s panel. Wrestling, physic conjuring, Streets of Rage reenactments, true love are all possible!

Nintendo Switch Panel
“Come learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Switch from the YouTubers who play it and the Developers who make games for it” Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About the Nintendo Switch.

mc chris Q & A
Ask mc chris something!

Pat Contri Presents!
Join Pat as he discusses his past and current projects like his new SNES guide book and his upcoming video game store documentary! And stick around for the Play the Punk challenge!

Psychostick: The Band: The Panel
Ask Psychostick about tour stories, how we came with songs, craft beers, physics, video games, B-movies, Alex’s opinion on penny stocks, bit coin, and swiss cheese or anything else!

Questions and Answers With Boogie2988
If you’ve got questions about video games, youtube, twitch, podcasts or more Boogie2988 has the answer. Come join him for a crowd based Question and Answer session!

The Runaway Guys: Thrown Controllers
A game show where your knowledge of games will be put to the test. Answer trivia questions, play game challenges and survive the Brutal Question to win fabulous prizes!

Scott The Woz In 3D Live
Scott hosts a panel that’s filled to the brim with prizes, a Q&A, a new “Scott The Woz” episode premiere, and tons more if time allows!

SomecallmeJohnny LIVE!
Johnny’s bringing in a new marathon with a first-look at an upcoming review! Be the first to see it and get a live reaction!

The Takeover: Beat Em’ Upping In The 21st Century – Matt McMuscles
Join YouTuber Matt McMuscles as he discusses his new venture; producing an indie game! How can you transition into such a field? Is it dumb luck, good timing, or a combination of both? And how do you bring the tried and true genre of the beat ’em up (Streets of Rage, Final Fight) into the 21st century, without loosing it’s identity? There will also be a chance to win a steam code for the game, so be sure not to miss it

Vinny From Vinesauce Q & A
An under-prepared, interactive panel with Vinny where he answers your questions and tells mundane stories about streaming, Youtube and pizza.

World’s Toughest Trivia with Kieeeeern
Join your Ol’ Buddy Kieran as he hosts the world’s Toughest Trivia. Win Fabulous Prizes! That is IF you can answer any of the questions! Ha Ha Ha!

Worst Video Games Ever Live! – Rerez
There are a lot of terrible and illegal hacks of video games out there. On this panel you’ll discover what some of them are while getting a chance to play them yourself!

WULFF DEN Live – Unplugged
Will and Bob Wulff of the WULFF DEN will be taking your questions live and in person.