PA State Yo-Yo Contest - TooManyGames

PA State Yo-Yo Contest

The PA State Yo-Yo Contest will be held at Too Many Games this year hosted by Tiki Tiki YoYo Club & Recess International.  All ages and spectators are welcome for this exciting event. Divisions will include Sport Ladder, 1A Sport, 1A Pro, & Open (2A, 3A, 4A & 5A). Professional Judges will evaluate players on both technical and artistic prowess. Prizes will be awarded to the top competitors from the contests sponsors and the best overall competitor from PA will be named! Be sure to swing by the contest on Sunday and see the most amazing tricks and techniques that Yo-Yoing has to offer.

To attend the PA State YoYo contest as a competitor or attendee you MUST buy tickets to the TooManyGames convention. Buy tickets here.

To sign up for the contest: