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Indie Game Showcase

Below is the list of our 2019 Indie Game Showcase. We are super excited to present this curated list of games to be shown at TooManyGames 2019. Don’t forget to watch the trailers below and try out the games at the show.

Studio: Luna Red
Working for a guild isn’t the business it used to be. Technology usage is on the rise, and with it comes a new age of adventuring. With the capability to materialize dungeons from file fragments, the ability to explore the undiscovered has become a reality again in this once stagnant industry. At the thought of striking it rich with this boon of resources, more guilds are forming to take on client demands to send adventurers into their files. The terms of questing might be the same as always, but no one really knows what’s in for them in these data labyrinths. Some enjoy the challenge of entering the unknown, but is this really the job you signed up for? Watch the trailer.

Applewood is a fruit-centric, lore-rich imp-ing game with the following cool features: thoughtful, resource-management-based platforming, you can fly!, totally-interconnected hand-crafted 2D world, you CAN’T attack (that’s rude), figure out clever ways to deal with conflict (the polite way), use items found in the environment to solve problems, you can ride an octopus, a nonzero quantity of wearable hats, and lots of cool characters. Watch the trailer.

AVGN 1 & 2 Deluxe
Studio: Screenwave Media Games
He’s gonna take you back to the past . . . Again! The ‘Nerd is back with an HD upgrade, more difficulty options, rebalanced challenges, some new surprises, & an all-new 3rd chapter to bring the entire package together

B.O.O.M. – You Win
Studio: Kickin’ Rad Games
B.O.O.M. – You win is an explosive hot potato multiplayer game for up to four players. They fight over the possession of a time bomb and must maintain possession of it to to earn points, but avoid being blown up by it or they will lose points. Play the demo and watch the trailer.

Studio: Exit 73 Games
#Blud is the story of Becky Brewster, a teenage field hockey player who must hack and slash her way through a legion of vampires and demonic creatures that have invaded her sleepy town. The game is a top-down 2D action-adventure that showcases the hand-drawn traditional animation style, reminiscent of 90’s-era cartoon classics. Watch the trailer.

Duke of Defense
Studio: Sebastian Nigro & Christopher Anselmo
Discover a world brimming with humor, interesting characters, and adventure. Interact with overly observant villagers and egotistical wizards. You’ll find yourself in a role more significant than a knight could ever dream! Slash goblins with your sword, roll through waves of enemies, and build towers as fast as you can. Collect coins from fallen foes, but be careful not to get hurt when maneuvering through the action! Use nine powerful towers to build a strong defense, each tower more unique than the last. Upgrade your character as you advance through the story with a plethora of game-enhancing abilities. Anything unlocked in your skill tree will also apply in co-op mode, so everybody benefits! Unique towers, exciting abilities, and planned future game modes ensures you’ll be back for more. Watch the trailer.

Fallen Angel
Studio: Matrioshka Games
Fallen Angel is an action RPG in which you take the role of Lucifer and explore a twisted version of heaven. The game features a dynamic jumping mechanic that allows for air combat and three-dimensional level exploration within a 2D pixel art game. Hack and slash through heaven, consume the Archangels’ power, and confront your creator. Watch the trailer.

Familiar: Mythic Arena
Studio: Gryphon Mount Games
Familiar is a pet battling game like no other, featuring more layers of strategy and depth of gameplay than other card games in its genre. Choose from 20 different pets to setup your team against your opponent using powerful runes and elyth (magic!) to enhance your team. Complex strategy and a little bit of luck make for outstanding games! Watch the trailer.

Studio: TeamEinherjar
FictionSphere is a 2D beat-em-up Platformer, where you can create you own stylish custom combos! Watch the trailer.

Eagle Island
Studio: Screenwave Media Games
Join Quill & his owl companion Koji as they uncover the secrets of Eagle Island! Brave scorching deserts, lost tombs, sub-zero mountain tops, & lush jungles as the duo tracks down the Guardian Eagle Armaura in order to save their friend! Screenwave Media Games proudly presents this retro-inspired adventure from UK-based developer Pixelnicks Ltd.

Get to the Orange Door
Studio: Arcade Coin
Get To The Orange Door, an intense and adrenaline pumping parkour platforming First Person Shooter based around the neon and chrome retro-futurist aesthetic of the 80’s. With a mix of classic and modern first person shooter mechanics, wall run, slide, clamber, and dash around each level at supersonic speeds as you blow through enemies using unique weaponry and fluid movement mechanics. The objective is in the title. Use a varying range of weaponry, from a sword that can deflect bullets all the way to two full auto extended magazine machine pistols that shoot heat seeking rounds. Vending machines and boxes scattered and hidden around each level will help you arm up and prepare for combat. Watch the trailer.

The Great Gaias
Studio: Horizon’s End
A mysterious contract from the royal family sparks the interest of an organized band of sellswords. What seems like a normal job quickly spirals into a whirlwind of betrayal and tragedy, thrusting a young rogue and his unlikely companions into the middle of an ancient prophecy. Rumors of long forgotten creatures, lost magic and a cult devoted to a dark god signify the coming of a new age. With petty feuds and corrupted politicians dividing the unity of the great nations, a blind eye is turned to the true evil about to descend upon the land. Watch the trailer.

Greenwell Manor
Studio: Blackstrap Studio
Greenwell Manor is a virtual reality [VR] stealth game focused on realistic light and sound detection to create a more immersive experience. Explore the Greenwell Manor by climbing, gliding and sneaking to avoid guards who patrol the halls of Mr. Greenwell’s home and collection of unnatural oddities. The player uses abilities and wits to find a way out of this mad man’s home before becoming a permanent part of his collection. Watch the trailer.

Studio: Vashta Entertainment
Harvested has all the fun you’d expect from a strategy game – resource management, base building, and epic combat. Additionally, Harvested lets you play as a soldier on the field. A carefully-designed and meticulously-tested control scheme gives you all the power of an real time strategy game and a top-down shooter. There is no need to switch modes – every action is at your fingertips all the time. Watch the trailer.

Hyperspace Delivery Service
Studio: Zotnip Games
You’ve been hired by the Hyperspace Delivery Service to make a delivery to planet Miridian V. Located on the other side of explored space, the trip to Miridian V will be a dangerous yet lucrative journey full of mad robots and unpredictable stellar phenomenon. Can you and your crew survive the trip? Will you die from the dreaded Telunian flu? Hyperspace Delivery Service offers an exciting and challenging journey where you must manage your fuel, oxygen, food, and various other supplies to make your delivery within the target time. Fight robot space pirates on the ground in retro FPS action. Fly through asteroid fields to rescue broken down ships. Experience thrilling space battles from the cockpit of your space ship in retro 3D space shooting action. Can you make it to Miridian V? See you on the next delivery! Watch the trailer.

Iron Meat
Studio: Screenwave Media Games
What if you took Contra, Judge Dredd, Blade Runner, and Splatterhouse — served it over a bed of rusty nails in an eight-course meal of finger blistering, pulse pounding, platforming ripped straight out of the 90s — and shoved it down your throat?!? Screenwave Media brutally presents Iron Meat — a retro-inspired action shooter by Ivan Suvorov. Get mutated!

LVL99: AxeRage
Studio: U.O.M.U.
A gratuitously violent 2D Action-Platformer inspired by the iconic pop culture of the 80’s and 90’s. Based in a fictional Chile, this righteously brutal ode-to-Arcades is heavily saturated with references to many of the nostalgic low-budget B movies, old school anime, and classic SNES-era platformers you know and love. Enter the fray as Cheins Tsurya, an axe-wielding renegade firefighter who must face an unholy apocalyptic menagerie warring over Earth’s vital energy. With brute force, a little supernatural intervention by some indigenous Chilean deities, and a RADioactive dog, players must free Earth from unrelenting hordes of aliens, robots, and zombies, oh my. AxeRage will also offer 2P Mode for the players who appreciate the camaraderie of couch co-op, a la the gun-toting Tyrius Domain inspired by Terminator’s Kyle Reese. Gameplay is a close combat gorefest full of combos, plenty of hack and slash, and more platforming than you can shake an axe at. Take out waves of baddies with a diverse array of moves like Axe Uppercuts, Dive Kicks, Slides, and some pretty gnarly Special Moves that rock a blast-to-the-past feel with some modernized digital guts and gore. Watch the trailer.

Ministry of Broadcast
Studio: Ministry of Broadcast
A country divided by The Wall. To cross it and reach your family, you must compete on – and win – a reality TV show broadcast by the Regime. Ministry of Broadcast is a narrative-driven single player cinematic platformer mixing Orwell’s 1984 with modern reality TV. Rife with dark humor, sarcastic quips, and a general absurdity of the system. Seemingly built overnight, The Wall has divided both a country in two and a man from his family. To see them again, our ginger-haired protagonist has decided to become a contestant on “The Wall Show”, a Regime-organized TV show allowing competitors the opportunity to escape to freedom on the other side. However, as he progresses through the camp, our contestant soon realizes exactly how the Regime and the show operate. The promise of freedom is not exactly what it seems. Watch the trailer.

Miracle Mia
Studio: Shademare
When a mysterious woman in red tears open the universe, dark creatures known as Geos reemgerge after having been sealed away for hundreds of years to wreak havok on the world. Mia, a young tennis player, discovers she is the descendant of a magical society known as the Miracles whose lineage grants her the power to vanquish the evil. Armed with her racket and under the guide of her cat mentor, Mia fights to save the world and find her missing sister. Miracle Mia is a cute, action-adventure platformer focusing on a volleying, tennis-like combat. Miracle Mia is a cute action-adventure platformer where the main heroine must fend off against an invading horde of extradimensional beings. Watch the trailer.

Neon Krieger Yamato
Relive the arcade era! Select from 8 unique characters and brawl your way to victory in Neon Krieger Yamato – solo or with a friend! A genre mashup of Japanese 90s gaming, its goal is to capture a mix of stylish combos, sidescroll action, and twitch combat puzzles, presented in a pixel art cyberpunk world harkening to the days of 16 bit. Watch the trailer.

On The Rocks
Studio: PenTree Games
Play as a mixologist completing drink orders over 2 to 3 rounds by drafting marbles and selecting ingredients to complete your drink recipes, while competing against the other players. Gain income and tips over the 2 to 3 rounds and attempt to spill other players drinks to slow them down. The mixologist with the most income is the winner of the night.

Pixel Puzzle Makeout League
Studio: Rude Ghost
Pixel Puzzle Makeout League is a hybrid visual novel and puzzle game themed around romance, comedy and superheroes. As “Pixel Girl”, you’ll use the power of “pixel puzzles”—where you fill in numbered grids to reveal hidden pictures (also known as picross or nonograms)—to solve life’s problems, romance your fellow puzzle-themed superheroes, and maybe even save the day! Will you find true love in the Puzzle League, or will the mysterious Villain third wheel you with his doomsday plot? It’s an adventure for players who love puzzles, and want to love puzzles. Watch the trailer.

Portal Tamers
Studio: SkyReach Studio
Portal Tamers is a fantasy adventure RPG that invites players to play as the innocent farm girl Luna. She is given amazing magic to summon creatures from beyond the mysterious portals by a powerful being who has fallen to her world. Using these new powers, Luna must save her world from the evil of “The Abyss” before everything she knows is plunged into eternal darkness. Watch the trailer.

Project Fantasy
Studio: Pixeled Vision
Project Fantasy is a fast paced platform fighter with an emphasis on weapon play and unique character gimmicks. The game is designed to be easy to pick up and play while depth for those that like to delve deep into mechanics and get the upper hand. Additionally, Because of the inclusion of Health Bars, you not only have to worry about getting knocked out of the arena (depending on the stage, and its hazards), but having you HP depleted as well. Watch the trailer.

Raider Road
Studio: Out of Hand Interactive
Raider Road is a 2-4 player cooperative action, party game where players play as a family on a road trip under attacked by enemy gangs. They board the RV and start tearing it apart to steal parts. Players fight off the raiders, jump to the enemy vehicles, and steal their parts to repair their RV. The family must survive the waves of raiders or they will never reach their vacation destination at the end of Raider Road Watch the trailer.

Studio: Ryan Davis
RASHLANDER is a physics-loaded lunar lander roguelike that feels like spinning across an icy road and nailing a perfect parallel park. Inspired by arcade classics such as Sinistar and Asteroids as well as neo-retro games like Downwell, RASHLANDER’s controls are simple, pure, and easy to learn with successful gameplay relying heavily on a little luck and a ton of skill. The procedurally generated levels force players to build ability instead of learning set patterns, paving the way for a challenging experience and truly triumphant wins. Discover a dense network of game-changing upgrade systems and life-giving fuel stations—all while attempting to achieve the highest score in this skill-based, physics-stuffed tribute to the golden era of arcades. Watch the trailer.

RetroMania Wrestling
Studio: Retrosoft Studios
RetroMania Wrestling is the spiritual successor to the classic arcade game Wrestlefest that was released in 1991 by Technos of Japan.RetroMania Wrestling is a “pick up and play” arcade game with beautiful 2D sprites, incredible backgrounds and fast-paced arcade style game play. Features licensed wrestlers such as The Road Warriors, Tommy Dreamer, Zack Sabre Jr, Austin Idol, and the Blue World Order (Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova and The Blue Meanie). Additional wrestlers to be announced. Watch the trailer.

Robo Puzzle Smash
Studio: Pxlplz
Robo Puzzle Smash is an intensely addictive competitive puzzle game that will test your wits and skill against your opponent in a high-energy, block bashing brawl with a twist! Drop the blocks and rotate your field to match colored blocks together and set up combos. When the moment is right, use a Breaker to smash the blocks to send them to your enemy! Watch the trailer.

Seasons of the Sorcerer
Studio: Simbryo
Seasons of the Sorcerer is a top-down action adventure game with a story inspired by Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. Players control Severo, an apprentice sorcerer, who is on a journey to reunite with his master. Severo must contend with roving bands of mercenaries, the Papal Armies, and rival sorcerers in his year long journey across early renaissance Italy. Manipulate, transform, trap, and incinerate your foes with Severo’s diverse selection of spells, weaponize your environment by launching boulders, burning wooden structures, and even causing trees to thrash at your enemies, find and channel the hidden spirits of long deceased sorcerers to further customize and upgrade your skills. Watch the trailer.

Studio: One Day West Games
Sheep Boom Bah is a tile flipping, sheep herding game for 2-4 players. After all your sheep wonder into an active land mine field, it’s your job to safely return the absent minded flock back to your farm safely. On the players turn, they can use an action to move a sheep onto a field tile. Once there, the player flips the tile over and discovers what’s underneath. Either a field, landmine or barn is revealed. Bonus points are scored for finding a field or barn tile. Players can use playing cards in their hand to move, steal and revive sheep. At the end of the game, players score points based on the final positions of their sheep either in the barn or the barnyard. Score the most points at the end to win the game. Watch the trailer.

Shores Unknown
Studio: Vallynne
Shores Unknown takes place in a land ruled by the iron-fisted Crown, and policed by the fearsome Inquisition, from whom it is said there is no escape. To the south lies the Empire and perpetual war, while to the north there is only the Murk — a seething wall of fog from which no ship has ever returned. In the midst of these grand forces, both natural and otherwise, our heroes must find a way to survive and to pursue their dreams of liberty. Watch the trailer.

Studio: Gossamer Games
Sole is a surreal adventure game where you play as the only source of light in a world shrouded in darkness. Wander through uninhabited environments, painting the land with light as you uncover its mysterious past. Explore the remnants of great cities and discover the history of an ancient civilization on your journey to restore life to an abandoned world. Watch the trailer.

Sons of Ra
Studio: Pharaoh Hound Games
In Sons of Ra, players take on the role of an ancient Egyptian general, commanding vast armies across a war table, and constructing powerful towers that defend their keep. Sons of Ra is a multiplayer tower defense strategy game where players fight against their friends on the same couch and console. Beyond just attacking and defending, players can call upon the awesome powers of the gods to aid them in battle. This blend of tower defense and strategic real-time combat is unlike any other experience currently available on consoles, and its multiplayer-oriented design sets it apart from the crowd. Play a demo and watch the trailer.

Squirrely Roo Rabbit
Studio: Boba Studios
Squirrely Roo Rabbit is an in-development, 2.5D, puzzle-platformer game relying on color theory to solve environmental challenges. It features a visual style reminiscent of hand-drawn and -watercolored pop-up storybooks. The game’s story begins with a gang of chameleons on a coloring spree swap changing the colors of all the animals in their wake, causing confusion and upset. Squirrely Roo Rabbit, who is unaffected due to her being a non-traditional animal, teams up with an outcast chameleon, Cammy, to track down Leon, the Chameleon king, and return the forest to normal. With the help of other animals they meet along the way and their local fruits, Squirrely Roo and Cammie solve environmental puzzles using color as they explore new lands. Watch the trailer.

Virtual Wave
Studio: FoxyStudios
The year is 1985, you are a programmer working on the cutting edge of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. After tampering with your homemade A.I.’s moral code, it hacked into your virtual reality world and threatens to release all of its minions into the real world. You must now enter into the virtual world you created to stop your A.I. before it is too late.

Where Shadows Slumber
Studio: Game Revenant
Where Shadows Slumber is a mobile adventure puzzle game that takes place in a world that has been plunged into darkness. You will guide Obe, an old man who discovers a mysterious lantern in the forest, on one last journey. The only tools at your disposal are your wits and the chaotic nature of the universe. Anything that is not touched by light has the freedom to change. This governing principle will be your guide in the darkness, but also your undoing. After all, if you are not touched by the light, you have the freedom to change as well. What will you become? Watch the trailer.

Wonder Wickets
Studio: Rightstick Studios, LLC
Wonder Wickets is a space themed, mini-golf inspired game, featuring distinctive features such as breakable obstacles, puzzles, enemies, power-ups, various game modes, platforming, and unique-but-familiar game rules. You play as a selection of characters who can freely roam the courses and acts as the ball (or “Star Orb”)’s source of force by hitting it with your mallet. The Star Orb’s velocity can allow it to overcome enemies, destroy obstacles, and other obstacles in its path. However, brute force doesn’t always do the trick, and you’ll have to manipulate the ball strategically using its Curve and Heat/Friction settings. Watch the trailer.